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Q: When is a price drop not a price drop? [16 Jul 2007|10:33am]
A: When it's from Sony.

I've been interested in a PS3 for a while and, after hearing rumors of a price drop, I thought the time to pick one up might just be at hand. There are two models: the $499 20gig version and the $599 60gig version. They just announced that the 60gig is dropping $100 from its price tag. Great, right? The 20gig is NOT dropping in price making it cost the same as the 60gig. Why? Sony is no longer making the 20 or 60gig PS3 and is releasing an 80gig PS3 with a few less features than the 60gig! And it's going to cost... $599.

So essentially, you have a couple months to buy the PS3 at a $100 discount before it gets bumped back up. And if you decide to pick up a PS3, make sure it's the 60gig version. If the hard drive space is an issue, there are many trustworthy sites that have short guides on installing your own hard drive without voiding the warranty.

If I'm misinformed, please correct me because now I'm thinking about going to my local game store and asking them what their inventory of PS3s look like and, if they think they'll run out of 60gig soon, I'd pick one up.

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Fat emo kid music [27 Jun 2007|08:45am]
Pulling up to a red light, my iPod playing over the radio, I notice that, even though I'm listening to Elliott Smith, I can hear the Bjork song I was just listening to in the background. Strange. I turn off my radio, but I can still hear it. Oh my god, the person in the car next to me is listening to Bjork! I begin turning my head in their direction. Please be a hot girl. Please be a hot girl. Please be a hot girl.

It's a big fat emo kid.

Do I listen to big fat emo kid music? Short answer: yes. Long answer: no, but you are putting on a little weight, in need of a haircut, and always depressed... and you're posting about it in your blog. I'm just sayin'...

-fr (begins eating cupcakes for breakfast)
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"...the very pants I was returning" [19 Jun 2007|08:16am]
I've been casually following the story of the $54,000,000 missing pants lawsuit, but I think I'm done with it now.

A Washington, D.C. law judge broke down in tears and had to take a break from his testimony because he became too emotional while questioning himself about his experience with a missing pair of pants.

That's the first paragraph and I applaud ABC somewhat for doing their best to present this man as a complete loony, but then I read something else:

"These are not my pants,'' he testified yesterday, telling her "I have in my adult life, with one exception, never worn pants with cuffs."

Now I'm hooked. Now I want to... nay, need to know what this one exception was. Did some little kid spill grape juice on his pants forcing him to borrow a friends' pair? Did buy the wrong pair of pants at a store? Did he wear cuffed pants only to be made fun of the first time he went out in public with them on?

And, if any of those are the case, did he then sue someone?
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Ring Reviews [06 Jun 2007|10:25am]
You know the drill: here's a quick list of what I've been playing/watching/reading and what I thought.

MoviesCollapse )GamesCollapse )BooksCollapse )
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Oh good... [30 May 2007|08:24am]
That deal I was talking about yesterday with the school bus and the bad driver? Yeah, about 200 feet from that spot, a cop was directing traffic down a side road. I couldn't see what happened, but there was a school bus on the side of the road and a fire engine blocking my view.

I assume no kids go hurt, otherwise, the piranhas would be all over it.
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New Dunkin' Donuts Ad Campaign Idea [29 May 2007|09:32am]
"Not even the lives of little kids can keep me from my Dunkin' Donut Coffee!"

On my way to work today, I was stuck behind a bus for a short time. It sucks, but it happens. And, it does bother me that there's a bus stop every 50 feet instead of every quarter mile like in my home town. Still, there's not much you can do about it.... legally.

The flashing lights on the bus go on and everyone comes to a stop as some little kids start crossing the street (on a crosswalk, no less) to get to the bus when this soccer mom talking on her cell phone coming the other way flies past the bus and nearly takes out the first kid. The kid's mom is shouting from the sidewalk, people are honking, the lady continues on and, just as I think she's slowing down from the shock that she nearly killed someone, she pulls into Dunkin' Donuts.

Masshole + Woman Driver = Oblivious. It hits me with the same kind of shame as when I hear a woman say they're voting for Hillary because she's a woman or when I see a black eye-witness on the news. Meanwhile, I'm trying to break my own stereotype. For instance, I've gone a week without oppressing an entire race or enforcing my beliefs on another country.

Play that funky music, white boy.
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OW my left ventricle! [25 May 2007|01:29pm]
Breakfast this morning was Poptarts. Lunch was a steak bomb sub. After lunch, someone bought me a Boston Creme donut. It's an epic showdown: me vs my bad heart. Only one can survive!

Seriously though, this isn't my standard diet. Yesterday, I had Cheerios, a house salad, and sushi. This weekend, though, my diet's going to be dangerously greasy with all the BBQing going on.
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Word of the Day [16 May 2007|08:19am]
Avast, ye land lubbers! The internets say the word of the day is "picaroon" which is meaning to "to behave like a pirate". If'n ye don't use the word in a sentence today, I'm makin' ye walk the plank!

- F Arrr!

(In more serious news, I hope it hurt, fucktard)
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Never have I ever... [08 May 2007|07:04am]
Never have I ever been so proud of my state and, on the same day, so disapointed in my country. It almost makes me want to don a cape and mask and fight for liberty.
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News from the frontline [01 May 2007|09:12pm]
I'll do a write-up soon of my trip. In the meantime, have some pictures. I didn't get a single good picture of Bjork. I'm okay with that, though, because she was amazing.

You can find more pictures on my friend's MySpace page.
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Do you like vidya games? [24 Apr 2007|03:11pm]
I've been listening to 1UP.com's 1Up Yours podcast. I downloading it expecting something like Penny Arcade's podcast: basically fanboys ranting about anything. It's not. It's actual video game news and it's really good. They joke around and swear, still, but they come to the game, so to speak, with facts, direct quotes, and numbers to back up what they say. It's really informative and interesting for a weekly podcast. If you don't get to read your video game news but you want more than fanboy banter, check it out.

I bring this up because I just deleted my subscription to their podcast "Legendary Thread" because it's their WoW podcast and I went through my 12 steps of Wowaholics Anon and deleted all websites and favorites that are WoW related.
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Maybe it's me... [23 Apr 2007|09:05am]
...But I get a little angry when I hear things about the thirty-two victims from the Virginia Tech incident. Today, I hear that the bells there will toll thirty-two times: once for each victim. Where's the thirty-third for Cho? Wasn't he, too, a victim? I'm not saying he wasn't guilty of his crimes, but he wasn't born crazy. Something happened over the course of his life to drive him to his actions. I'm all about "hate the sin and not the sinner". It's easier to just pass him off as the bad guy who's nothing like us, I guess.


On a separate note, I leave for Coachella on Thursday. It's been in the high to mid-90s all weekend and the trend is due to continue. I'm half-Irish and half-Italian. I'm either going to burn alive in the desert or come home nice and tanned. Either way, I'm psyched.
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DRM vs DS [20 Apr 2007|11:57am]
I'll be honest: I'm not loving my iPod. I don't hate it; I do like it, but for the money I've shelled out, I was hoping for a little more. I enjoy iTunes and, being a free download, the price is right. DRM is an issue, for sure; my entire CD catalogue is on iTunes and if the apocalypse comes and iTunes is no longer supported by Apple, I may be in trouble. I think with all the money they're raking in, though, that event is far off.

My iPod, however, has been less than exceptional, compared to, say, my Nintendo DS. While it may seem like comparing apples to oranges, they're both hand-held computer technology. There should be no reason my $300 iPod can only play music and movies from iTunes (and replicate a thumb drive) while my DS can play DS games, GBA games, has a normal screen and a touch screen, has Wi-Fi capabilities and is designed to protect its own display screens *cough* *cough*. This doesn't even get into the warrantees (2-year protection plan from Apple, lifetime from GameStop).

Add a hard drive or other data storage method to the DS and I have no reason to have an iPod. I'm told there are third party accessories that can store media onto a game cartridge that I can plug into my DS, but it's not quite the same (plus I'm always a little wary of third party accessories like this).
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Lumpy [17 Apr 2007|11:44am]
On Saturday, I headed down south to visit my friends who just had a baby. I'm not a big fan of babies; they don't do anything interesting. Their first kid is four and she's fun. She's got a lot of energy and treats me like her personal jungle gym but I'm used to it by now. I'm really surprised, too, about how well behaved she is around the new baby. She can go from horsing around with me or her dad to being very calm and gentle around her baby brother.

Two of the other guys I hang out with down there just about every other week came by and we got sushi and played Guitar Hero 2. My GH skill has declined since The Burning Crusade came out. Now that I'm done with WoW, I may pick it back up, but I kinda want a Wii. Kinda, but this week, I have more important stuff going on. My car needs to go into the shop on Thursday and I'm not at all prepared to go to California for a week next Wednesday.

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"password" is not a valid password... [06 Apr 2007|01:14pm]
Part of my job here is to review requests for remote access to my company's network (for telecommuting, off-hours support, etc). It really blows my mind how many people select the box for "wireless" for their router setup and then select "no" under the section that asks if they changed the default SSID, password, security settings or encryption. I think a nice follow up question would be, "Do you bank online" and "If so, where do you live?"


trust ur techno lust
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I see great potential in you... [31 Mar 2007|01:13pm]
but expect a pile of crap that destroys my favorite childhood memories.
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I fail at the internets [29 Mar 2007|09:06pm]
We have a new version of Outlook Web Access (the program that lets me check my work e-mail from any location) only it's not working so well. It will always tell you your password is about to expire and log you out of Outlook after 120 seconds. Great. I should have remembered this when I wrote a letter to one of my utility companies. I wrote the letter, clicked "send" and it brought me to the sign on screen. I signed in and it brought me to my inbox, so I checked my "sent" folder. No e-mail. Great. I back up and the page is there but it's blank. Fudge. I write it over again in Notepad and then click "new" in Outlook, sign in, click "new" again, paste the body, fill out the subject and recipient and click send. Looks like it worked. Check the "Sent" folder. It worked. Too well. It also sent the first e-mail the first time, then, when I went back and found the blank form, it sent it again and then, finally, a third time when I rewrote it.

The next time someone asks me why we're moving our Exchange server out of that other company and into our facility, I'll let them know that it's because when it does this, I'd like to be able to go to it and physically blow it up.
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It's not easy being emo... [29 Mar 2007|07:19pm]
Sad Kermit sings the most depressing songs of the 21st century. I wouldn't have linked it, but he sings Twilight by Elliott Smith. When Fozzie comes in towards the middle, I was almost in tears with laughter.

Just to give you a taste, here he is singing NiN's Hurt.
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CarPimp.com: you can slap her, love or hate her, just bring her back with a full tank [28 Mar 2007|09:49am]
So my car is still busted up. I haven't even called a mechanic yet because I'm considering some options. The problem stems from my car being my only mode of transportation. Since I need my job, I need to get to my job, and thus, I need my car. So, I have several options:

1. I can call the insurance company of the truck that hit me and pressure them into paying for a rental while it's in the shop. If it works, I get a free rental car for the week or so it takes to replace my back door.

2. I can get off my butt and buy a motorcycle. Since I want one anyway, I could drive it to work while the car is in the shop. This is probably a bad idea since, if it rains, I'm going to be getting wet. If it's night, I can't drive at all since I have my permit. Lastly, I'm in this situation because Massachusetts drivers are awful. Do I really want LESS protection between them and me?

3. I can wait until next month when I'm going to California. Since I'll be gone a week, I wouldn't need to use the car and could have the mechanics work on it then.

I suppose the wisest idea is to try for the first option and, should it fail, fall back on the third option. Time to check out rental rates at Enterprise.

Side note: my insurance only covers $15 a day while my car is in the shop. That's a little under half the cost, which isn't too bad, but if I can save myself the entire cost, even better!

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Cue the Empire theme from Star Wars [20 Mar 2007|01:58pm]
Let's see...
In November, I was a Senior Support Specialist for the Help Desk. I applied for a new position within the company and go it.
In December, I was a Tech Specialist II for the IT-Pharmacy team. The pharmacies were being shut down and sold to other companies so I was moved to another department.
In February, I was a Tech Specialist II for the Distribution Center Development team. I was moved to this group, but I wasn't terribly happy with it.
Now it's March, so it's time for a new position: Senior Security Administrator!

I'm hoping to do really well with the Enterprise Security Team and I hope it launches my career to new places. My plans to move down south have been put on hold again
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